Promotional Items

promotional itemsThere are over 2,800 promotional product manufactures located in the United States alone.  Some of them are outstanding, and some of them are not.  Awesome Wares measures all of our suppliers on key aspects such as delivery time, imprint accuracy, pricing, communication, and problem resolution. Suppliers that consistently score high in those vital areas are designated as Preferred Suppliers.

We have developed strong relationships with our Preferred Suppliers.  We value the professionalism, the knowledge and passion they bring to our industry.   Awesome Wares knows that we are only as good as the network of suppliers that we have assembled.

When you order promotional products from Awesome Wares, you can be comfortable that you will be receiving effective products, imprinted correctly at a fair price, delivered on time.

Why Promotional Products?

Recently, the Advertising Specialty Institute conducted a cost analysis on the effectiveness of promotional products versus other advertising media. Here’s the executive summary of their research. The results may surprise you.

  • Instant recall: 8 out of 10 people said yes, they do remember the advertisers of the logo products they received.
  • Very impressionable: 42% had a MORE favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving a logo item. And nearly a quarter of people said they are MORE likely to do business with the advertiser on the items they receive.
  • Pens are in: Writing instruments are the most-recalled advertising specialty items, followed by shirts, caps and bags.
  • User-friendly: A whopping 81% of promotional products were kept because they were considered useful.
  • Staying power: More than three-quarters of people have had their items for MORE than 6 months.
  • Most impressive: The average cost per impression of an advertising specialty item is a mere $0.0004, giving marketers a better ROI from advertising specialties than nearly any other popular advertising media.

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