Fifth Fastest Award


Fifth Fastest - Growth Is GoodAugust 1, 2010 – Avon Lake, Ohio:  The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) recently named Awesome Wares, Inc. as the fifth fastest growing promotional products’ distributor in the World.  Reached for comment at their home in Avon Lake, Ohio, owners, Bobby and Elizabeth Colagross could not be more pleased.  “It’s such a wonderful acknowledgement of all our hard work over the past six years”, said owner/CEO, Bobby Colagross.  Wife and President, Elizabeth, went on to say, “We started our baby as a small, cottage business out of our home and it has blossomed, despite the downturn in the economy, as a full-fledged corporation and we truly could not be more excited about it!”  As the energetic, consummate networking superstar of the Company, Elizabeth’s contagious positive attitude speaks volumes, despite so much doom and gloom that occupies the press.

What started out as a small baby gift package Company several years ago has grown into a full service advertising specialty solutions organization, focused on every logo need you could imagine.  Elizabeth adds, “When we started this “cottage business” several years ago, I was on pregnancy bed rest with our first daughter, Katie.  Knowing so many people in Northeast Ohio, and being a lifetime resident of this community, we naturally said, “Yes!” to every potential client and friend that had a logo need.  Eventually, we figured out how to put a logo on anything and it took off from there.”

More of a pragmatic thinker, with a background in software, banking and finance, Bobby acknowledges, “We never set out to create something more than a part-time income for Elizabeth while raising our (now) two children.  However, as soon as orders started rolling in, we knew we were both hooked on the excitement of creating a wonderful company, together.  I left a challenging career at the amazing Hyland Software Company to pursue this dream and we have never looked back.  In a region where so many jobs have been lost with so many stories of hardship, it is such a wonderful accolade for Northeastern Ohio.”   Awesome Wares now operates out of a full-fledged production facility on Pin Oak Parkway in Avon Lake, Ohio.


If you have a need, Awesome Wares provides embroidered, screen-printed, promotional and sign products to companies of any size, non-profit organizations, municipalities, government organizations, schools and sports teams.